Getting to know me

Hi, My name is Dianna I found a way of restoring my health through a whole foods plant-based lifestyle! I previously felt trapped in a body that I did not like.  Everyday I had body pain only to think I was going to be like this for the rest of my life.  I have lost 61 lbs and 47 of them has been since I started transitioning towards a plant based lifestyle.  However, I did not let that defeat me! I have a new passion for my life because of the changes I made to improve my lifestyle.

Being a stage III breast cancer survivor I strive to make changes to the foods I fuel my body with.  I have been taken off of blood pressure meds. I also had developed plantar fasciitis in my foot.  After making changes, I noticed it diminished after 6 weeks.  It has been gone for almost 2 years.  My cholesterol levels have dropped tremendously and all my blood work is fantastic!!  When I was younger, I  was diagnosed with anemia and for the first time without taking any dietary supplements.  I am at a normal level!!

My goal is to help others stop feeling trapped.  My desire is to empower people to create their Divine Healthy Lifestyle without feeling deprived!

Follow me along this journey and let’s make Divine Healthy Lifestyle changes together!

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Paradigm Shift

The Webster definition of Paradigm Shift: an important change that happens when the usual way of thinking about or doing something is replaced by a new and different way.

change ahead


If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got. If I had not had a “Paradigm Shift” or a “mindset change”. I would not have been able to change my eating and exercise habits. I would still be 53 lbs heavier than I am today. Now I WANT to live and choose a healthier lifestyle. It has not been easy, I started out slowly and over time I changed. I had slip ups along the way I did not let that defeat me. In the past I have always had an all-or-nothing perfectionism outlook. If I slipped up then I would forget everything I had done and go back to my old ways. Now I may have slip ups now and then but I learn from those actions and don’t beat my self up anymore. I learn and move forward. It can be hard to change old habits into new habits but it can be done. Over time you begin to weed out the junk food, processed foods and replace them with healthy whole foods that are not processed that nourish your body. Then soon your body will thank you and actually will “crave” the good foods for you body. I have learned to eat a wide variety of new foods I had never even tasted or heard of, like lentils, quinoa, peas, a wide variety of beans. I encourage you to change one thing at at time and incorporate into your day, month and year. If you would have started a year ago where would you be now?

Let me know how I can support you?

Choosing To Make Healthier Choices

I don’t always make the perfect choices but I do now more than ever. I choose to pass up the ice cream, donuts, hamburgers and sodas. I don’t like to tell people, OH, I CAN”T have that, I choose to say, I DON’T WANT IT. Which is true because I know how good I feel when I’m on plan and how far I’ve come. I used to choose unhealthy meals especially when eating out once a week, then EVERY time I would eat out even if it was several days a week I would find myself eating unhealthy. Then I had to make a conscious effort to “choose” healthy meals “every time”. Being a cancer survivor I want to choose healthy foods for my body. I have found choosing certain foods can fight against cancer and disease! I encourage you to break out of choosing unhealthy foods and incorporate healthier foods in your week then it will be come a daily habit.


It's not that I can't eat that



Plant Based Protein

Plant based protein

When people think of getting their protein in the first thought is usually from meat. Think outside the box and try plant based proteins. I’ve listed 10 sources for plant based protein.

1. Lentils – 1 cup of cooked lentils = 18 grams
2. Edamame – 1 cup of edamame = 17 grams
3. Beans – black, kidney, mung or pinto – 1 cup = 12-15 grams
4. Hemp Seeds – 3 Tablespoons = 10 grams
5. Quinoa – 1 cup of quinoa = 8 grams
6. Peas – 1 cup of peas = 8 grams
7. Potatoes – 1 large potato = 7 grams
8. Chia Seeds – 2 Tablespoons = 5 grams
9. Spinach – 1 cup = 5 grams
10. Pumpkin seeds – 1 oz = 9 grams

Try making a bean soup or add these to a salad!


Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone: a place or situation where one feels safe or at ease and without stress.

We all have our own “Comfort Zone” we don’t usually like change. Change makes us uncomfortable. Even though sometimes change can be hard and not what we want sometimes change can be a good thing and we enjoy the change but that usually comes later after we accept the change. I remember one thing from my youth and I always heard “If you always do what you’ve always done, you will always get what you’ve always got.”

Its time to step out of our comfort zone and explore the possibilities in the “Courage Zone”. Have courage to step out of the “comfort zone” and take new challenges. Start that “Couch to 5K” or “take that new job” or “take that art class”. Whatever it is that you have in the back of your mind that you’ve put aside because you were afraid to leave the comfort zone. Try it and see the possibilities!